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in Wafer Inspection Microscopes
Item ID: 217689

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Leica INM300DUV

Leica INM300DUV Wafer Inspection Microscope

  • Bright/Darkfield, Confocal, Interference Contrast, Fluoroescence & UV Microscopy
  • Joystick Controlled Motorized Stage with 300mm X 300mm Travel
  • Xe/Hg Illumination System
  • Motorized Turret with 6 Lens Positions
  • Motorized Focus
  • Trinocular Head with Camera Port 
  • Color CCD Camera & Image Processing PC
  • Isolation Table

Location: Plano, Texas, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Leica
Model INM300DUV
Microscope Type Upright
Microscope Configuration Brightfield, Darkfield, DIC & POL
Illumination Type Hg/Xe Reflected Light
Binocular Angle Ergonomic
Wafer Size 300.00  mm  (11.81 in)
Motorized Nosepiece YES
Infinity Corrected Objectives YES
Polarizer YES
Analyzer YES
  Type Color CCD