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in Wafer Inspection Microscopes
Item ID: 61043

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Nikon/Semprex Measuring Microscope

 NIKON/SEMPREX Wafer Measuring Microscope

  • 4 Position Turret
  • NIKON MPlan 2.5X, BDPlan 10X, 20X & 40X Objective Lenses
  • NIKON Binocular Viewing Head with 10X Widefield Eyepieces
  • NIKON Vertical Illuminator with 12V/50W Halogen Lamp Housing
    • Brightfield & Darkfield Channels
    • Dual Iris Apertures
  • NIKON Model UN Illumination Transformer
  • SEMPREX Microscope Stand
    • Specimen Stage 6” X 6.75”
      • 2ea Mitutoyo 164-136 Digital Micrometers for XY Measurement
      • 0-2” in X Axis & 0-1.5” in Y Axis; Resolution to 0.0001”
      • Mitutoyo 534-223-1 Digital Micrometer for Height Measurement
      • 0-1” in Z Axis; Resolution to 0.0001”

Location: Plano, Texas, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Nikon
Model Optiphot
Microscope Type Upright
Microscope Configuration Brightfield & Darkfield
Illumination Type Coaxial
  Magnification 10 X
Wafer Size 150.00  mm  (5.91 in)
Multiple Objectives Models 
  • NIKON MPlan 2.5X, BDPlan 10X, 20X & 40X Objective Lenses