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Item IDItem DescriptionPt DescriptionMaterialIDCSDDurometer#PriceNotes
»mm  in»mm  in$
149458 Aflas Mfr*ORNGO12F10484O-Ring Aflas .139 x 10.484"2
87363 Applied Materials O Ring Chamber-P/Ns on photo1
87364 Applied Materials O Ring Chamber-P/Ns on photo1
87355 Applied Materials 3700-01089Seal CTR Ring Assy NW25 W/ Viton O Ring S1
138944 Applied Materials, 3700-01865, O-Ring O-Ring ID 11.475 CSD .210 11.4750.2101
94965 BOC Edwards C10517087NW50 TPD O Ring VIT/PTFE2
94982 Brooks Automation 880-0010-44O Ring3
95002 Chemraz 2-204513SCO Ring6
95003 Chemraz AS568A-220 CPD 513O Ring2
95008 Chemraz AS568A-233 CPD 513O Ring3
95373 International Seal AS568-256O Ring1
95382 Kalrez 2-012O Ring5
95381 Kalrez 2-268O Ring- KA 20371
95379 Kalrez 2-446O Ring

95384 Kalrez AS568AO Ring2
95383 Kalrez K11625-KA8101Kalrez O Ring50
95848 McDowell Seals 2-236-S70O Ring20
95851 McDowell Seals 4187517-0001Seal, Quad20
95849 McDowell Seals TELMARK II1
95850 McDowell Seals TELMARK IIO Ring Kit-TRM1
94269 Texas Instruments 1031430-0432Seal rear Bowl N2 240-300 Viton20
93807 Texas InstrumentsO Ring, 183.82mm ID, 2.62mm1
93808 Texas InstrumentsO Ring IDI M20 TFE-0-SIL3
94237 Texas Instruments 4505830Inside Stator O Ring VII80
94238 Texas Instruments 4505831Outside Stator O Ring VII80
93802 Texas InstrumentsO Ring Viton 295mm, 5mm, 75DVR1
135998 TOSOH OEM*:OEM*389SC1100O-Ring, 20.0 CSD.210 70 Duro2

*  Vendor Role: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer; Sup is Supplier/Distributor

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