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Cable Assembly

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    Item IDItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes
    94746 ACI 67258Wire Loom-8pr., 25 pin, 9 pin1
    92985 Applied Materials 0140-77124-25-26-27-28Mainframe Bulkhead Cables1
    92951 Applied Materials 0150-13159Power Cable- Controller to Chamber1
    92982 Applied Materials 0150-13159Pwr. Cable- Ctl. to Chamber Tray1
    92952 Applied Materials 0150-13160Power Cable- Controller to Chamber1
    92987 Applied Materials 0150-20027J1-P11 Cable1
    92992 Applied Materials 0150-20537Signal Cable1
    92993 Applied Materials 0150-21342Signal Cable1
    92990 Applied Materials 0150-75078Xfrmer to Chamber Tray Cable1
    92988 Applied Materials 0150-76181CMP3 Controller Backplane Cable1
    92989 Applied Materials 0150-76182CMP1 Controller Backplane Cable1
    92986 Applied Materials 0150-76185Mainframe Bulkhead Cables1
    93000 Applied Materials 0227-95821Cable1
    92983 Applied Materials 0620-02383Cable Assembly Hood - 75 Ft.1
    141476 Applied Materials Mfr*0140-03090 Cable Assy1
    135997 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-06711AC Power Cryo Central Jumper1
    139721 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-20808 Endura Main A/C Ground1
    92999 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-75078

    Yellow Mainframe Cable, 40'

    142470 Asyst Technologies OEM*:OEM*9700-4859-10Asyst 9700-4859-10 Cable1
    94889 Belkin Data Cable2
    142082 BOC Edwards OEM*:OEM*0620-9092-0Cable Assy2
    142086 BOC Edwards OEM*:OEM*0620-9102-0Cable Assy 1
    93656 CableCable, AMP Connectors, 22 AWG, 25 FT.1
    147542 Deutsch OEM*:OEM*455234-10 AMLG Type 72
    143414 Endevco OEM*:OEM*3024-160Twisted Pair Cable with Insulated Conductors fo...1
    139979 LAM OEM*:OEM*2003358-7Transport Opto Switch Cable Assy1
    139963 LAM OEM*:OEM*2600412Oscillator Control Signal Cable1
    139722 MATSUSHITA OEM*:OEM*B2386-439680-5SVM Drive Cable1
    142706 PLC Direct OEM*:OEM*ZL-2CBL2-1Cable4
    143416 Pump I/O Board Communication CablePump I/O Board Communication Cable2
    96153 Shinagawa Power lead 3 Wire 10, 25ft.1
    96106 SUNX FT-E20Board Scan Gen. Cable1
    94262 Texas Instruments 2500726-2500234Prism Lens4
    94261 Texas Instruments 4612771-0001Wafer Arm Cable2
    94210 Texas Instruments 4621148-0001Signal Cable5
    149180 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*2986-404106-12 EXB M3P Cable #002 1
    139724 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*B22986-400683-13 M4P-3J Cable #11
    149181 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*B22986-401259-13 DEV Cup Sensor Cable 24V L1
    139743 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*B22986-402344-13 IFB D37-F60 Cable #0013
    143424 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*B22986-435728-11 AC Terminal #010 20004
    139873 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*B22986-456062-11 Cable, A3Px3-A3Jx3-R10S #011
    136505 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*B22986-456233-11 Cable, F16P-F16Sx2 #016
    139725 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*B22986-458129-11 Cable, M8Px2 #023
    139723 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*B2386-439510-1SVM Signal Cable1
    149179 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*CT2986-401671-11Buf. Arm U/D Signal Cable1
    139746 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*CT2986-425243-12 Cable, CCD #02 40001
    147582 TYCO OEM*:OEM*2015886-1Cable Assy1
    93657 Unknown Coax Cable, 8 pin AMP Connector, 25 Ft.1

    *  Vendor Role: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer; Sup is Supplier/Distributor

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