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Printed Circuit Board

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Item IDItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes
152473 40066Printed Circuit Board1
152588 522-026Printed Circuit Board1
149032 AG Associates OEM*:OEM*2100-0090PCB - -STD Counter/Timer1
149056 AG Associates OEM*:OEM*2100-0110PCB1
149055 AG Associates OEM*:OEM*2100-0120MIO 24 Relay Panel Interface1
149052 AG Associates OEM*:OEM*7100-5118PCB - Linearizer1
154451 AG Associates OEM*:OEM*9830-2030PCB - Sensor I/O1
149048 AG Associates OEM*:OEM*9830-2040 PCB - RMS Analog for 2101 RTP Annealing System1
149031 AG Associates OEM*:OEM*9830-2080PCB - Zero Crossing Detector1
153042 Air Products Mfr*809-416913 CRSD1031 Printed Circuit Board2
153044 Air Products Mfr*809-416913 CRSD1031 Rev BPrinted Circuit Board2
153046 Air Products Mfr*809-417675 CRSD1032/1234Printed Circuit Board6
153040 Air Products Mfr*809-420900Printed Circuit Board4
153043 Air Products Mfr*CRDS1234/CRDS1032Printed Circuit Board1
153041 Air Products Mfr*CRSD 1031 DD1250Printed Circuit Board3
103156 Amax OEM*:OEM*S20 Rev 1.0PCB1
149044 Analog Devices OEM*:OEM*RTI-1260 PCB - RTI-1260 Input Card1
149039 Analog Devices OEM*:OEM*RTI-1262PCB - Analog I/O for AG Associates System1
87390 Applied Materials 0100-09138 rev BRobot Interconnect Board1
87427 Applied Materials 0100-20039RF Generator backplane1
92770 Applied Materials 0100-35227E-Chuck Controller Board1
96058 Applied Materials 0100-77036S P1-1367-32 PC Board1
92771 Applied Materials 0190-10183Magnetic Motor1
140066 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0100-00171Applied Materials, 0100-00171, IHC ...1
155024 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0100-00195End Point Interface/Smoother PCB2
141374 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0100-00655 Applied Materials 0100-00655 Hardou...1
141369 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3870-02365 Pneumatic Module1
133948 ATI OEM*:OEM*109-25500-40Video Card1
94872 Baldor ASR27164EBMulti-Resolver Card1
118407 Bay Area Circuits Mfr*PM122/129RF Gen Board2
136923 Branson OEM*:OEM*PWA C12145Branson PWA C12145 Automation Board...2
94985 Brooks Automation 70009115Stepper Driver Ctl, PCB1
132421 Canon Mfr*BG9-4152Rack Extention PCB1
136834 Canon OEM*:OEM*BG4-6811PCB1
137376 CCSI OEM*:OEM*STD20-CXS Network STD Board Assy5
132420 Concurrent Computer Mfr*25-816R02Power Plane1
103257 Control Technology OEM*:OEM*901B-2555-A16PT Analog Input PCB1
95213 Copley Controls Corp 215Servo Amp Control Board1
136381 DEC OEM*:OEM*50-23543-01 System Board Celebris1
152497 Digital Comm OEM*:OEM*26-97914-601 Rev 2.01Printed Circuit Board1
152560 Digital Instruments OEM*:OEM*250-008-615 Rev BFrame Signal Distribution Board1
152474 Digital Instruments OEM*:OEM*250-008-626Stage Power Board with Head Protection1
152550 Drytek OEM*:OEM*2800296 Rev BStepper Interface Board1
152561 Drytek OEM*:OEM*2800795APulse Controller Interface Board1
96617 ECI Technology Assy D-H2475001Autoload Interface Assy D-H24750011
152626 Eratron OEM*:OEM*FPO-231Firing Circuit Board1
152619 Eurotherm OEM*:OEM*150052 ISS AMain Controller PC Board1
134005 Excalibur OEM*:OEM*EXC-1553PC/HCBus Controller/Remote Terminal/Bus Monitor1
152494 Force OEM*:OEM*SYS68K/CPU-30BE/8CPU Card1
153180 FSI Mfr*290009-200 Rev CCPU Board

153169 FSI Mfr*290020-200 Rev BPrinted Circuit Board...1
153158 FSI Mfr*290022-200 Rev CSaturn Flow Control Board5
153167 FSI Mfr*290024-400 Rev BSaturn Backplane PC Board1
153178 FSI Mfr*290051-200 Rev ASaturn memory Board1
153179 FSI Mfr*290055-200 Rev CSaturn CPU Board
153742 FSI OEM*:OEM*Saturn Interface Board1
153745 FSI OEM*:OEM*2001-001Saturn Valve Board4
152622 FSI OEM*:OEM*209104-200Interface Board
153746 FSI OEM*:OEM*290023-200 Rev ASaturn Numeric Key Pad6
153744 FSI OEM*:OEM*290033-200 Rev BSaturn Canister Interface Board1
152558 FSI OEM*:OEM*290037-200Printed Circuit Board...1
153743 FSI OEM*:OEM*290053-200 Rev ATerminal Board
153748 FSI OEM*:OEM*290054-200 Rev ASaturn Terminal Board...1
94870 Fusion Systems Inc. 249181Dual Cassette Handler PC Board...1
95239 Fusion Systems Inc. 313952Serial Interface Board1
152624 FuYu OEM*:OEM*386WB386-40 ISA Motherboard1
118082 Galil Motion Control Mfr*DMC-10303 Axis Motion Control PCB, ISA Bus1
140008 Gasonics OEM*:OEM*90-2588 Dual Setpoint SCR Controller1
152615 GD California OEM*:OEM*7171A-02Support Card1
139105 Graphic Strategies OEM*:OEM*VGME-1024-4LVideo Processor Card1
95370 Integrated Modular OP0019 Rev FInterface Board w/software CD1
136991 Interface OEM*:OEM*IBX-4101Controller PC Board Card1
152553 Intersil OEM*:OEM*30-00348-01 Rev DISB 3111 Board1
118091 IOtech Inc. Mfr*271-4000Printed Circuit Board DBK191
149120 Keithley OEM*:OEM*PC6262 Rev-C-1Metrabyte/Keithley  Rev-C-1 8 ...1
115691 KEL OEM*:OEM*MCX13-07MCX13-07 Extension Board1
95391 KLA 710-651090-20Optics Interface PC Board1
149500 KLA-Tencor OEM*:OEM*710-653016-20 KLA Tencor 710-653016-20 81B Assy1
149501 KLA-Tencor OEM*:OEM*710-658076-20 KLA Tencor 710-658076-20 Phase 3 De...1
149503 KLA-Tencor OEM*:OEM*710-658081-20 KLA Tencor 710-658081-20 Defect Fil...1
149499 KLA-Tencor OEM*:OEM*710-658164-20KLA Tencor 710-658164-20 PLLAD-8 As...1
95822 LAM 530-2-14-474-788Solid State Power Supply Bd1
95819 LAM 810-17021-1AD10 PC Board, Rev 7, Serviceable1
139088 LAM Mfr*027356PCB Assy, AMN MK3 Control2
139090 LAM OEM*:OEM*601240AMN III Encoder Buffer Assy1
139092 LAM OEM*:OEM*710-17001-1Backplane #22
136949 LAM OEM*:OEM*810-17003Drive IMPD & PH Board1
140052 LAM OEM*:OEM*810-17012-1Heartbeat Board1
136946 LAM Research Corp. OEM*:OEM*810-17004 Solenoid Interlock Board2
158206 Laser Identification OEM*:OEM*345580Indexer Drive1
140060 M and W Systems OEM*:OEM*000-025-0010 Interface PCB Single Chan1
147802 Mattson Technology OEM*:OEM*060-90000-00Mattson 060-90000-00 PCB, Operator ...1
153047 Metron Mfr*885-10-001PC Analog Mother Board2
152496 Micro Automation OEM*:OEM*12024270-001 Rev HPrinted Circuit Board1
152837 MTI Mfr*2217605100Buss I/O Board1
152839 MTI Mfr*2217605100 Rev BBuss I/O Board1
152840 MTI Mfr*2217605200Temperature Control Board1
152834 MTI Mfr*2217605220Hi Temp / Stepper Hot Plate Board1
152841 MTI Mfr*2217605300 Rev BDriver I/O Board2
152838 MTI Mfr*2217605300 Rev CDriver I/O Board1
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