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Wafer Transfer Units

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    Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionCass to Cass#PriceNotes
    24124 Faith Technology RapidTran 2WaferTransfer Station1
    49924 Faith Technology RapidTran IWafer Transfer StationYES1
    49925 Faith Technology RapidTran IWafer Transfer StationYES1
    64831 Mactronix AWi-600Automatic Wafer SorterYES1 F*
    120870 Mactronix Horizon HZN825P5Wafer Transfer for 200mm Wafers1
    76999 Mactronix UKA-650Automatic Wafer Transfer Station1
    79340 Mactronix UKA-825Automatic Wafer Transfer Station1
    49933 MGI Systems 1282-1300Wafer Transfer StationYES1
    49934 MGI Systems 1282-1400Wafer Transfer StationYES1
    48496 RECIF IDLW5Lot & Wafer Identification ReaderYES1
    120795 RECIF IDLW8RWafer ID Reader1
    120796 RECIF IDLW8RWafer ID Reader1
    120797 RECIF IDLW8RWafer ID Reader1
    120873 RECIF SPP8Wafer Transfer for 200mm Wafers1
    77960 Seiwa KWEX-268Wafer Transfer Station1

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