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Mass Flow Controllers - Gas

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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionGas Type(s)Flow RangeFittingConnector Type#PriceNotes
»slpm  sccm»cm  in$
94755 AERA CA-26DSUB2 F*
123243 AERA FC-D980CMFC (3ea)3 F*
94753 AERA PV-104C1
152685 AERA TC FC-785Y-BFMFC N2 500 SCCMN2500.01
152684 AERA TC FC-D980CSMFC O2 3SLMO21
87142 Applied Materials 824-1-Air1
139455 Applied Materials AFC 550MFC H2 1000 SCCM1 F*
148270 Celerity 1661MFC N2 40SCCM1
148272 Celerity 1661MFC N2 50 SCCMN21
148265 Celerity C1660-658640MFC Ar 5 SCCM1 F*
148239 Celerity GF125 MFC N2 15000 SCCM1 F*
148257 Celerity IFC-125C MFC He 15 SLM1
148261 Celerity IN3XPMFC NF3 15000SCCM1 F*
95214 Custom Cabinet1
95866 Millipore CDLD 115061
140683 MKS Instruments 1259B-00200SV MFC1
140680 MKS Instruments 2259C-00010 RVMFC1 F*
139634 MKS Instruments 628B 11TAE 1B10 Torr Baratron Absolute Capacitance 15-pin D1
128748 Mykrolis DSPVJ1B7MFC O2O21
96154 SIERRA 831-1-air1
96103 STEC LF-310A-EVD1
128352 STEC SEC-7350MMFC N2O 15 SLMN2O1 F*
94364 Tylan General CDLD-115123
94368 Tylan General CDLD11S121
94363 Tylan General CMLA-212
148266 Unit Instruments 1660MFC SF6 200SCCM1
93648 Unit Instruments UFC 1000 HPMass Flow Controller5
128984 Unit Instruments UFC-1660Mass Flow ControllerN21
93647 Unit Instruments UPC 10001

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