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    Item IDItem DescriptionPt DescriptionFlange TypeFlange Size#PriceNotes
    »in  mm$
    131767 HPS KF404inch Bellows Flex Coupling2
    141140 Pillar CS-12AResin Fitting10
    138482 Pillar CS-W3A Resin Fitting10
    147204 Pillar P-U-W2YLB1/4" Teflon Union Fitting11
    147200 Pillar P-U-W4LB 1/2" Teflon Union Fitting3
    147189 Pillar P-U-W6LB 3/4" Teflon Fitting 10
    147196 Pillar P-U-W8LB1" Teflon Fitting9
    147205 Pillar P-UE-W2YLB1/4" Teflon L Fitting16
    147202 Pillar P-UE-W3LB3/8" Teflon L Fitting11
    147199 Pillar P-UE-W4LB1/2" Teflon L Fitting2
    147191 Pillar P-UE-W6LB 3/4" Teflon L Fitting6
    147197 Pillar P-UE-W8LB1" Teflon L Fitting9
    147206 Pillar P-UT-W2YLB 1/4" Teflon Tee Fitting5
    147201 Pillar P-UT-W4LB 1/2" Teflon Tee Fitting1
    147195 Pillar P-UT-W6LB3/4" Teflon Tee Fitting5
    147198 Pillar P-UT-W8LB 1" Teflon Tee Fitting1
    147207 Pillar Q-Rue20-P19LB 3/4" Teflon L Fitting2
    147208 Pillar Q-Rue25-P25LA 1" Teflon L Fitting1
    138678 Pillar S-RUW4-W3YBResin Fitting10
    138480 Pillar S-U-W1BFitting11
    138477 Pillar S-U-W3YB Resin Fitting9
    138479 Pillar S-UE-W2YB Resin Fitting5
    138679 Pillar S-UE-W4BResin Fitting10
    138343 Pillar S-UT-W1BFitting10
    138406 Pillar S-UT-W2YB Resin Fitting4
    138474 Pillar S-UT-W3YBResin Fitting8
    147203 Pillar S-UT-W3YB 3/8" Teflon Tee Fitting3
    138347 TEL F900-T-3.2 Stainless Steel FittingsStainless Steel Fittings10
    137115 Tokyo Electron Limit 2980-192077 Flanged Fitting2
    137554 Tokyo Electron Limit F900-L-9.52Tube Fitting5
    138405 Tokyo Electron Limit F900-R-3.2*6.35 Tube Fittings10
    136885 Tokyo Electron Limit S-UE-W1BResin Fitting10

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