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Item IDItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes
94743 ABB Control 6
149057 AG Associates OEM*:OEM*7000-0028PCB Card Cage1
159003 Aihara Electric OEM*:OEM*NYS-1.5KETransformer1
94759 Air Pot S160P105XActuator2
139850 Allen-Bradley OEM*:OEM*855T-B24DN3-5Stack Lights Steady Incandescent 24V Green, Red...3
147557 Amperex OEM*:OEM*4-125A/4D21Electron Tube1
92766 Applied Materials 0010-09416RF Match Phase IV1
87386 Applied Materials 0015-09057Vexta Stepping Motor1
92945 Applied Materials 0021-17180Rod, RF Contact 300mm1
87404 Applied Materials 0150-38433Power Supply-Gas Panel2
87302 Applied Materials 0910-010741/4x1 Fuse Carrier2
137833 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0100-00060 Applied Materials Chopper Drive Mod...1
138869 Applied Materials Sup*:Sup*1230-00002SKT, Lamp, 4" Leads1
147936 AT&T OEM*:OEM*BCR-200Bar Code Reader1
137694 Auer OEM*:OEM*3638-130AMagazine38
94873 Baldor BSM63A-138-SPLServo Motor1
141806 Balmac OEM*:OEM*191-5Vibration Transmitter1
147498 Branson OEM*:OEM*12255-GPower Distribution LP1
137796 Comair OEM*:OEM*028869Fan 24VDC Muffin XL MD24B2 3
137689 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*QS97-130-A Pneumatic CylinderPneumatic Cyliner1
140951 CTI Cryogenics OEM*:OEM*63596Cryo Pump Cold Head Circuit Protection Cable1
134209 Cutler-Hammer OEM*:OEM*CE15FN3Y13 Pole Contactor1
149541 Desco OEM*:OEM*09826Common Ground Cord, 10mm Stud Wires 15ft1
136890 Digi-Key OEM*:OEM*490-5053-ND Filter EMI .1GOHM 10A 1M-1GHZ161
148000 Donfoss OEM*:OEM*VLT2800240VAC/2.7kVA/2HP Variable Speed Drive2
147790 Dutec OEM*:OEM*BD040I/O Plexer3
137191 Dwyer OEM*:OEM*Temperature transmitter, Pt100 RTD input, range...3
137192 Dwyer OEM*:OEM*1910Designed for air conditioning service, they als...3
139999 Ferran Scientific OEM*:OEM*CNL-03Ferran Scientific CNL-03 Micropole ...1
95273 Fuji Electric Power Terminal1
129074 Gasonics Mfr*97-2403Kit- Ionizer Bar, Controller and Power Strip1
95288 GE 1021344-03293 pin Projection 20V Lamp2
95287 GE 1021344-07292 pin Miniature 6V Lamp2
147354 Gems Sensors Inc OEM*:OEM*M103005Totalizer/Ratemeter1
95291 Globe Motors 283-101-00027 VDC Motor4
95348 Hiatchi Glow Lamp Screw-in Starter5
137918 Hipotronics OEM*:OEM*DS11-489 DC Tester1
136824 Hitachi OEM*:OEM*2M131Magnetron 2
95365 Humphrey CN534AActuator1
140948 Ion Gauge 30' 690065-00Ion Gauge 30'1
140949 Ion Gauge 30' 690065-00Ion Gauge 30'1
95376 ISLATROL IC+115Transformer, Isolator2
140004 Jabsco OEM*:OEM*34754-0000Blower 115V1
140679 Light Pen 2865062BLight Pen2
134214 Magnecraft Inc. OEM*:OEM*388CQX-27412VDC Relay3
148276 Millipore OEM*:OEM*PR050Single Channel Display11
139997 Minarik Electric Co. OEM*:OEM*PCM23001ADC Drive 2HP Dual Voltage1
155966 Mitsubishi OEM*:OEM*CP30-BABank of 9 Circuit Breakers1
147583 MKS Instruments OEM*:OEM*PAR-10Power Supply Pressure Gauge1
140645 MKS Instruments OEM*:OEM*PPT-C300-M1Y PPT Residual Gas Analyzer1
140646 MKS Instruments OEM*:OEM*VAC-CHECK MKS VAC-CHECK Residual Gas Analyzer

137612 Modus OEM*:OEM*T10-06E-50Pressure Transmitter2
147930 National OEM*:OEM*NL10254-IL  National Electronics NL10254-...1
150052 Newport OEM*:OEM*818-SLLow-Power (Si) Photodetector1
95894 NIDEC A33999-16Cooling Fan-12 VDC2
137193 Omega OEM*:OEM*PX655-25DIHigh Accurate, Low Pressure Transmitter3
149473 Omron OEM*:OEM*EE-1006 Connector; Connector with 2M Cable4
155965 Omron OEM*:OEM*Relay BlockRelay Block with 16 Relays1
96307 OPTO 22 OAC5QRelay3
93638 Oriental Motor PX244-02AStepper Motor1
93639 Oriental Motor U641NB8201 ZP5 Phase Stepper Motor1
137800 Oriental Motor USA C OEM*:OEM*5GN12.5KA Gear Head1
138403 Oriental Motor USA C OEM*:OEM*CSD5807N-P-A11 5 Phase Servo Driver1
143746 Orion OEM*:OEM*90-02Double Junction Reference Electrode1
138323 Orion OEM*:OEM*ETM232A-DNFTemperature Controller1
139951 Panasonic OEM*:OEM*581B344BDriver Box with Fans1
136888 Perkin Elmer OEM*:OEM*FX1164Short Arc Xenon Flashlamp1
149165 Prolog OEM*:OEM*112962-007 DIN Interface Adapter2
137692 RSF Elektronik OEM*:OEM*MS50.26MLinear Encoder Head2
137693 RSF Elektronik OEM*:OEM*MS58-48B Linear Encoder Head1
137691 RSF Elektronik OEM*:OEM*MS58-48M Linear Encoder Head1
137919 Rubicon Instruments OEM*:OEM*2745Potentiometer1
148062 Sony OEM*:OEM*UP-5600MD Color Video Printer1
150050 Span Instruments OEM*:OEM*LR050Digital Indicator1
137790 Spectrum Scientific OEM*:OEM*SM1000DPortable Mass Spectrometer1
142165 Superior Electric OEM*:OEM*440-EPISLO-SYN Indexer Motor Drive2
132475 Taiyo Mfr*CN-Base2Motherboard1
154905 Temescal OEM*:OEM*Substrate Heat System1
154906 Temescal OEM*:OEM*Substrate Heat System1
94200 Texas Instruments 2500185-0001Black Bracket200
93666 Texas Instruments 2501512-0001Alpha Heat Sink75
93929 Texas Instruments 4006950-0001Lamp Polvar, 12V, 100W2
150087 THK OEM*:OEM*HSR12RMLinear Motion Guide, Single Block:20mm Height, ...4
136889 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*2981-600316-11Temp Control Conn Board1
138531 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*2986-402727-12 A3P-A3J Cable #004 3 M1
139537 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*CT2986-401159-128" X_BRD Sig. 1 Cable1
138686 Tokyo Electron Ltd Sup*:Sup*B2041-006788-1Cable Assy1
94214 TOSOH SET 805-015UK-BAntenna Dowel Kit16
148280 Tylan General OEM*:OEM*Model HPC-20 CDG Adapter Unit1
93660 URC 853-577-1Sub Assembly w/RF Ports1
93481 Varian Photo Transformer2
137002 Video Cable 030061Video Cable2
148278 Watlow OEM*:OEM*920A-2BB0-A000 Series 920 Temperature Controller1
140466 Yama OEM*:OEM*EMD7 D1T0D Manometer5
147529 Yaskawa Electric OEM*:OEM*CACR-PR01 Servopack1
147504 Yaskawa Electric OEM*:OEM*SGD-01AN Servopack1

*  Vendor Role: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer; Sup is Supplier/Distributor

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