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Item IDItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes
94748 Advance 500 VAC, 120/240VAC, 24 VAC2
94757 Air Pax SPST Switch, 15A, 125VAC1
138845 Allen-Bradley OEM*:OEM*42SML-7000Photoswitch Sub-Miniature Led Source3
94763 ALPHA SEM AG C2350.000.004B Switch, 7 pin2 F*
87433 Applied Materials 0270-01005sw. optical Slotted PC Mount1
87385 Applied Materials 1270-01251Pressure Switch2
141477 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0090-00659 Float Switch1
94850 ASCO 8030A17VHVacuum Switch 10-6 Torr1
94852 ASCO HV2681851Vacuum Switch 10-6 Torr1
94893 Black Box SW934AKeyboard Video Switch2
94987 C & K 5205Rocker Switch1
150031 Cherry OEM*:OEM*F83X-B110 Electromechanical Switch Line Interupt2
136988 Digi-Key OEM*:OEM*GH7101Rotary Switch1
142590 EAO Switch Corporati OEM*:OEM*704-944.33Emergency Power Switch 3
95286 GEMS FS 925Brass Flow Switch2
95337 H.O. Trerice D06914Air Pressure Switch1
95366 Humphrey Gas Switch 250A with Boost 214
95368 IFM IW5053Switch, Proximity Inductive, 1 Watt1
142458 Keyence OEM*:OEM*FS-V11Keyence FS-V11 Fiberoptic Sensor Am...1
142452 Keyence OEM*:OEM*FS-V22RKeyence FS-V22R Digital Display Fib...4
95838 Malema M-200-P-1-BFlow Switch and Pump1
95836 Malema M-200-S-1-BFlow Switch-Adjustable Series1
149972 MATSUSHITA OEM*:OEM*AJ241R11Switch Unit2
95859 Micro Switch 11SM1-TMicroswitch, 5A 250VAC8
95858 Micro Switch 4A25BEA41-8735Amp 125V, Max 5A, 250VAC2
95891 NASON SM-1A-8F/QCPressure Switch-Non Adjustable4
95893 Neo-Dyn ITTACPressure Switch1
96294 Nupro 6L-FU4C-T4AMagnetic Switch1
127584 Omron Mfr*TL-X5MC1-GLProximity Switch 12-24VDC4
140463 Omron OEM*:OEM*D2D-1001 Door Interlock Switch2
143115 Omron OEM*:OEM*E3X-NT11Photoelectric Switch2
96616 Pneumatico P3A-4-20D6 switch cluster 4 wire, no/nc1
148007 Precision Sensors OEM*:OEM*P36W-94 5PSIG Pressure Switch1
148006 Precision Sensors OEM*:OEM*P8B-38500 PSI Pressure Switch1
149974 Proteus Hyperbaric OEM*:OEM*O300CFluid Flow Switch2
149973 Proteus Hyperbaric OEM*:OEM*O350CFluid Flow Switch 1
96156 Sigmameltic PS-10N Vacuum Pressure Switch1
96157 Sigmameltic PS-10N Vacuum Pressure Switch1
94212 SMC ISE4-T1-25Digital Pressure Switch
Max Pr...
96053 SMC NVJ7140-5MZPressure Switch3
96051 SMC ZSE5B-T2-27LDigital Pressure Switch- 200kPa max...1
150083 SMC OEM*:OEM*ISE4-01-26Pressure Switch1
141479 SMC OEM*:OEM*ISE5B-T2-67L Pressure Switch1
94281 Tencor 415-06819-000Switch, 6A/250VAC1
94258 Texas Instruments 4084576-0001Microswitch Cable10
149183 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*2986-448784-12TEL 2986-448784-12 Proximity Switch...1
138682 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*CustomSwitch: Chuck up/down, VAC on/off1
93653 United Electric Ctls J40 9608Pressure Switch1
93461 WASCO V110-31W2A-X16301Pressure Switch2
149461 Yamatake OEM*:OEM*PS5E-CSSwitch Unit1

*  Vendor Role: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer; Sup is Supplier/Distributor

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