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Gas Sensors

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Item IDItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes
94890 Bellofram 962-134-100pneumatic Voltage Sensor1
95223 Data Instruments PG2SC2NV03010
95235 Dwyer Air Flow Regulator, Gauge2
95234 Dwyer MMF-2Air Flow Meter1
95349 HI-TEC America EAUM-990301Sensor AMP unit (BBD)1
95820 LAM 796-093088-006Dual Sensor3
93296 MKS Instruments Remote Transducer Range 10 Torr1
93287 MKS Instruments 122BA-00100EBSPressure Transducer 100 Torr1
93288 MKS Instruments 122BA-00100EBSPressure Transducer 100 Torr3
93285 MKS Instruments 127AA-00001BPressure Transducer1
93284 MKS Instruments 128AA00001E Pressure Transducer Type 128 1 Torr4
93298 MKS Instruments 621A11TBFHRemote Transducer1
93299 MKS Instruments 621C13TBFHARemote Transducer - 1000 Torr<...2
93300 MKS Instruments 621C13TBFHCRemote Transducer - 1000 Torr<...1
93286 MKS Instruments 622A12TBEPressure Transducer Type 622 1-100 Torr1
93301 MKS Instruments Type 627 2 TorrPressure Transducer1
96301 Omron Z4W-V25RLED Displaying Sensor 12-24 VDC2
93474 USG 47103Vacuum Gauge 1/4" ANPT, 30 hg1
93475 Vaculaz 31398-1093-111Particle Measuring System 28067/16-0693-68 31...5
93478 Vacuum Instrmnt Corp SC7Helium Mass Spectrtometer Leak Detector1

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