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    Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionThroughputFlow RateFiltr Surf AreaInt MaterialOperating Char#PriceNotes
    »l/m  GPM»cu ft/hr  l/hr»sq m  sq ft»bar  PSI$
    142703 3M OEM*:OEM*10in Filter Cartridge 50mm25
    87254 Applied Materials 92209- 6001filter3
    94875 Barnstead Intl FL583X5.5 B Pure Filter .45 MIC1 F*
    136999 Cambridge OEM*:OEM*2T-110-STB31 Absolute Filter6
    137001 Cambridge OEM*:OEM*2T-474520G-STN92 Absolute Filter1
    95030 Control Concepts 0150-7006971
    95028 Control Concepts 1799Islatrol Plus Filter1
    95029 Control Concepts 19987MLine Filter 120VAC, 15A, 50/60Hz1
    136509 Exhaust Filter AssyExhaust Filter Assy3
    138485 Facet-Aire OEM*:OEM*853241Air Filter 9x1620
    126815 Filter Concepts Mfr*3X60AEMI Filter 3 Phase 1
    95282 Gaskleen S6LFPF6T02VMM4Filter1
    148188 GSK OEM*:OEM*GBP01NG01EPropleat Filter 10"1
    129120 LAM Mfr*775-006659-001 1
    95865 Millipore 1
    95868 Millipore VVLP 047 001
    148189 Millipore OEM*:OEM*Propleat Filter 10"2
    148185 Millipore OEM*:OEM*CM1101E06CMP Filter1
    147347 Millipore OEM*:OEM*CM1102E06CMP Filter 20" 3
    147346 Millipore OEM*:OEM*CM1402E06CMP Filter 20"6
    147712 Millipore OEM*:OEM*CMP101E06Planargard Filter6
    148126 Millipore OEM*:OEM*CMP501E06CMP Filter1
    148127 Millipore OEM*:OEM*CMP701E06CMP Filter2
    148128 Millipore OEM*:OEM*CMP901E06CMP Filter2
    149877 Millipore OEM*:OEM*DZUZA4401DZUZA44011
    152617 Millipore OEM*:OEM*WGGL40S01Wafergard -40 Filter11 F*
    147547 Mott Metallurgical OEM*:OEM*POU-10-SV1 SS Filter 1/4"1
    147376 Mykrolis OEM*:OEM*PGSV01P01Filter 9.5"1
    147710 Mykrolis OEM*:OEM*PGSV01PLEFilter 9.5"3
    96295 Nupro SS-4TF-2-914Inline Filter-2 micron2
    132238 Pall Corp. Mfr*PFY1UY700JUltipleat Profile Filter45
    148212 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*10-4U-M3V 300Pleat Filter 4"3
    148209 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*15-4U-M3V 300 Pleat Filter 4"3
    137160 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*70886-57 Filter CTG 40U 4-5" NPP2
    147708 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*AB1A0153H4Profile Star Filter6
    147713 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*AB1A0503H4Profile Star Filter6
    147711 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*AB1Y1003JProfile II Filter9
    147757 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*AB1Y4003JProfile II Filter8
    147785 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*AB1Y503H4Profile II Filter1
    147349 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*AB2Y2003JProfile II Filter1
    147348 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*ACP-1010 Microza Ultrafiltration Module1
    147759 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*CMP 205-10UV-M39.5" Filter3
    148215 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*CMPD 0.5-4U-M3V 300 Pleat Filter 4"3
    148213 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*CMPD 5-4-M3V 300 Pleat Filter 4"3
    148211 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*CMPD-2-4U-M3V 300Pleat Filter 4"2
    148116 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*PFY1UY100JUltipleat Profile Uni Loc Filter2
    148119 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*PFY1UY200JUltipleat Profile Uni Loc Filter1
    148123 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*PFY1UY300JUltipleat Profile Uni Loc Filter1
    148125 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*PFY1UY400J Ultipleat Profile Uni Loc Filter1
    148187 Pall Corp. OEM*:OEM*R1F150ProfileII Pleat Filter1
    128250 Pneumatic Products C Mfr*PCC400AFFilter Cartridge1
    149242 TDK OEM*:OEM*ZCAT3035-1330 Noise Filter28
    93721 Texas Instruments 4009176-0001Filter15
    149408 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*024-015781-1Filter1
    132616 US Filter Mfr*4622265-0001IonXChanger Filter2
    148112 USF OEM*:OEM*NXA 1-1OU-M3V 9.5" Filter4
    93465 Watts 4188687-00012
    93473 Zellweger Analytics 1830-0055Gas Filter2
    93472 Zellweger Analytics 1998-00801 F*

    *  Vendor Role: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer; Sup is Supplier/Distributor

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      F* if the item is specially featured
      N* if the item is newly added, and/or
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