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Item IDItem DescriptionPt DescriptionFlange TypeFlange Size#PriceNotes
»in  mm$
87324 Applied Materials 0010-35534Hoses DI in- out1
87262 Applied Materials 0040-76084Quick Disconnect-female1
87326 Applied Materials 0050-25235A0050-25235A

87327 Applied Materials 0050-25249Straight S/S Tubing1
87321 Applied Materials 0050-25249Straight S/S Tubing1
87388 Applied Materials 2805-739454 REV BPreassembled Hose20 F*
92773 Applied Materials 3300-01020FTG Plug Hex SKT 1/4-18 EXT NPT2
87275 Applied Materials 3300-01513Fitting, Plug, 9/16"-1
87265 Applied Materials 3300-01990Hose, Barb 1/4"X7/16",20SAE,37Deg4
87372 Applied Materials 3300-02224Hollow Plug1
87325 Applied Materials 3300-02269tubing Cap1
87359 Applied Materials 3300-02402FTG Tee 1/2 NPT SST2
87358 Applied Materials 3300-02518FTG Hose Barb 3/8 ID x 1/2 - 14MNPTF SST8
87284 Applied Materials 3300-03452Fitting P749R02-PE1
87373 Applied Materials 3300-04100Quick Disconnect-1/2"NPT1
87361 Applied Materials 3300-04482FTG TBG RDCR Union Tee 1/4T x 3/8T 5
87432 Applied Materials 3300-045243/4T x 3/4T 2.11 L SST2
87308 Applied Materials 3400-010573400-01057

87400 Applied Materials 3860-010501/8" Plastic Tubing-10'1
143735 Georg Fischer OEM*:OEM*SFMT010PVDF, Tee, 1"8
95360 H-Square #CAFitting Adapter22
95884 MOTT 4600081-0001Orifice RSTR Flow Fitting1
96317 Parker 60 Series Quick Disconnect1
96116 Swagelok Company, Th SS-810-6-41/2" to 3/8" reducer2
93810 Texas Instruments 1031176-0067Fitting, Reducer 1/8" x 3/8" tube SSA10
94208 Texas Instruments 2250-737692Manifold Fitting TI PN 4600908-00017
93935 Texas InstrumentsReducer Fitting 1/8-1/438
94195 Texas Instruments 4613455-0001Brass Fitting 1/8NPT 1/4 MAC8
93933 Texas Instruments 4613472-0001"Y" Union Fitting 5/32-1/49

*  Vendor Role: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer; Sup is Supplier/Distributor

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