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Item ID: 162569

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Keyence FS-V11P and FS-V12P

Keyence FS-V11P and FS-V12P
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Location: Plano, TX, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 2
Manufacturer Keyence (as Original Eqpt Maker)
Model FS-V11P / FS-V12P
Part Description 1ea FS-V11P - Fiber Amplifier, Cable Type, Main Unit, PNP
7ea FS-V12P - Fiber Amplifier, Cable Type, Expansion Unit, PNP
Condition New-Never Used
Other Information 
  • 2 Sets of a Block of 1ea Keyence FS-V11P and 7ea Keyence FS-V12P
  • Main Unit and I-line Expansion Unit
  • Red LED Light Source
  • Response Time:  250 us (Fine) / 500 us (Turbo) / 1 ms (Super Turbo)
  • Operation Mode:  Light-On/Dark-On (Switch Selectable)
  • Time Function:  On-delay: 40 ms/Off-delay: 10 ms/ Timer Off
  • Control Output:  PNP Open Collector 100mA max. (24 VDC max) Residual voltage: 1 V max
  • Protection Circuit:  Reversed Polarity Protection, Over-Current Protection, Surge Absorber
  • No. of Expansion Units:  Up to 16 expansion units can be connected (a total of 17 units)
  • Mutual Interference Suppression:  FINE: 4, TURBO/SUPER: 8
  • If more than 1 unit is used together, the ambient temp variers with the conditions below. Mount the units on the DIN Rail with mounting brackets and check that the output current is 20 mA or less.
  • 3 to 10 units:  -10 to 50C,  11 to 16 units:  -10 to 45C
  • The FS-V12 cannot be used as a standalone unit.