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in Single Wafer Resist Strippers
Item ID: 87656

Offered 1 Offered at Best Price

Alcan Tech/Canon MAS-8000

Plasma Photoresist Stripper

Microwave Ashing System

Location: Plano, TX, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Model MAS-8000
Wafer Size Range 
  Set Size 200 mm
Other Information 
  • Serial Number 81455
  • Heated & Water Cooled Platen for up to 200mm Wafers
  • Dual Cassette Load/Unload Platforms
  • MECS UTW-3100P Three Axis Wafer Robot
  • MECS CS-1000 Robot Control System
  • NIHON KOSHUHA MKN-152-3S Microwave Power Supply
  • NIHON KOSHUHA MKN-152-384-OSC Microwave Oscillator Section
  • NIHON KOSHUHA MPA-HZ4SI Power Sensor Amplifier
  • NIHON KOSHUHA AMC-0604-15 Auto Matching Controller
  • NIHON KOSHUHA Microwave Waveguide
  • 3ea NIHON KOSHUHA MPS-60 Microwave Leak Detectors
  • MKS 253A-11321 Throttle Valve
  • MKS 252C-11009 Throttle Valve Controller
  • ALCAN TECH HC-1000 Heater Controller
  • ALCAN TECH PDA-801 Controller
  • ALCATEL ADS-301 Dry Vacuum Pump/Blower Package
  • Stainless Steel System Vacuum Plumbing
  • Facilities Plumbing Cabinet
  • Main Power Circuit Breaker Cabinet