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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionMicroscope TypeMicroscp ConfigIllum Type#PriceNotes
23995 Vision Engineering DynascopeProjection Microscope 1
245328 Zeiss Smartzoom 5
Zeiss Smartzoom 5 Digital Microscope:

Zeiss Smartzoom 5 Digital Microscope

  • Zeiss Model D Tiltable Stand (G) Item No. 430040-9000-000
    • Motorized Z-Drives for Focusing & Pivot Point Adjustment
    • Tilting angle ≤ 45°
  • Zeiss Smartzoom 5 Optical Engine (G) Item No. 425525-9010-000 
    • Integrated 10x Zoom
    • Integrated Coaxial LED illumination
    • Integrated CMOS Camera
  • Zeiss 10X Plan Apo D Objective Part No. 435230-9040-000
    • NA = 0.6, FWD 10 mm
    • Integrated Segmented LED Illumination
    • Integrated Data Output on Magnification & Optical Correction Factors
  • Zeiss 1.6X Plan Apo Objective
    • NA = 0.1, FWD 36 mm
    • Integrated Segmented LED Illumination
    • Integrated Data Output on Magnification & Optical Correction Factors
  • Zeiss Scanning Stage D 130 X 100 STEP Item No. 432038-9000-000
    • Stage Flat Surface Area: 310 mm X 223 mm
    • XY Travel: 130 mm X 100 mm
    • Absolute Accuracy: +/- 5 µm
    • Reproducibility: ≤ 1 µm
    • Stepper Motor with 4 mm Spindle Pitch
    • Integrated Controller
    • Interchangeable Stage Inserts: 160 mm X 116 mm
    • Metal Stage Insert Included
  • Lenovo ThinkCentre All-in-One Control PC for Smartzoom 5 Item No. 432915-9105-000
    • Full HD 24” Display & Integrated PC with Windows 10
    • 2019 LTSC includes Smartzoom Acquisition
    • 2D/3D Measurement & Reporting Software with 3D/EDF (Extended Depth of Focus) Imaging
    • 3D/EDF Stitching & Job Mode with Individual Referencing Data, Configuration & System Calibration

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