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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionHeat Energy O/PMax TempCntrl Stability#PriceNotes
»kW  BTU/hr»ºF  »ºK  ºC(±...ºC)$
87344 Applied Materials 0040-36180TXZ Heater 1 F*
87296 Applied Materials 0242-11543Kit, Heater PM Replacement-NEW 1
138846 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0242-11543 Kit, Heater PM Replacement 1
95359 HPS 4515-0063 2 F*
149879 Iwaki OEM*:OEM*RF180100 ohm Heater 1 F*
138486 MKS Instruments OEM*:OEM*HPS 9320-0013HTR2.0, EL90BW, MIT, 1BPO 6 F*
138487 MKS Instruments OEM*:OEM*HPS 9320-0230 HTR2.0, STR12.0, BRKTS, 1BP3 1
96298 Ogden KI-2-0016-M1Tank Heater 1 F*
96099 Solid State Measrmnt 911622-003 1
94280 TEMPCO CS0108-1600WIHeater, 1200W, 240VAC 1 F*
93665 Texas Instruments 4183885-0001Heater Shield 1
126591 Trebor OEM*:OEM*DI Water Heater Module 1
93658 Unknown 853-031555-001 2

*  Vendor Role: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer; Sup is Supplier/Distributor

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  F* if the item is specially featured
  N* if the item is newly added, and/or
  R* if the item's price is recently reduced.