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Socket Head Cap Screws

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt DescriptionSKTHDCpScrwHStySKTHD CpScrewDvSKTHD CpScrewMtSKTHDCpScrewThrLength#PriceNotes
»mm  in$
87380 Applied Materials 3690-01074Scr Cap SKT, HO 1/4x20x5/8L 22 F*
87379 Applied Materials 3690-01198Scr Cap SKT, HO 10-32x3/4 16
92793 Applied Materials 3690-01544Screw Cap 4-40 3/8 VentedVented#4-400.375 6
87382 Applied Materials 3690-01567Scr Cap SKT,HO M8x20MMLG 14
92788 Applied Materials 3690-01914Screw Cap 8-32 1/2 Hex Skt SilverHex Socket#8-320.500 2
92791 Applied Materials 3690-01914Screw Cap 8-32 1/2 Hex Skt SilverHex Socket0.5 2

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