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in Programmable Robotic Track Systems
Item ID: 4880

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Dual Photoresist Coater/Developer
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Location: Plano, TX, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer DainipponScreen
Model SK-W80A-BVP
Wafer Size Range 
  Set Size 200 mm
Photoresist Type Xray
Number of Robots 2
Number of Cassette Elevators 4
Number of Photoresist Coat Stations 1
Number of Photoresist Dispenses 2
Wafer Edge Bead Removal YES
Number of Photoresist Develop Stations 2
Number of Developer Dispensers 2
Number of Developer Rinse Dispensers 2
Wafer Backside Rinse YES
Bowl Rinse YES
Number of Wafer Edge Exposure Stations 1
Number of Vapor Prime Hot Plates 2
Number of Vapor Prime Chill Plates 1
Number of Hot Plates 5
Number of Chill Plates 2
Stepper Interface YES
Interface Type Nikon Stepper
Other Information 
  • Serial Number 52700-2604
  • Date of Manufacture October 1992
  • 8” Wafer Handling
  • 4ea Cassette Elevators
  • 2ea Develop Spin Stations
  • 2ea Photoresist Develop Dispense Channels
  • 2ea Nozzle Rinse
  • 2ea DIW Rinse
  • 1ea Wafer Backside Rinse
  • 1ea Coat Spin Station
  • 3ea Photoresist Dispense Channels
  • Baffle Disk Rinse
  • Dispense Nozzle Rinse Pot
  • Wafer Edge Bead Removal
  • Wafer Backside Rinse
  • Wafer Edge Exposure Module
  • Ushio UV Lamp House
  • Ushio UV Lamp Power Supply
  • DNS CECE-001AD UV Lamp Interface
  • 5ea Hot Plates
  • 2ea Chill Plate
  • 2ea HMDS Adhesion Hot Plates
  • 1ea HMDS Adhesion Cold Plate
  • Dual Robot Assembly
  • 2ea Interfaces - Interface B to Nikon Steppers
  • 2ea DNS Chemical Dispense Cabinets - 3ea for Coat and Develop Blocks
  • Temperature/Humidity Controller
Year of Manufacture 1992
Condition Very Good