For 25 years, we have been buying and selling all types of used and refurbished semiconductor equipment from wafer manufacturing through fabrication to back-end processing and ATE.  We work globally with buyers and sellers of both state-of-the-art and mature tools and technologies.  We handle individual items as well as complete production lines and facilities.  ASA Certified appraisals and auction services are also available.  Catalyst Equipment is a corporate member of Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International (SEMI) and an associate member of the Surplus Equipment Consortium/Network (SEC/N).  We look forward to working with you and your organization.


Wafer Manufacturing Equipment

Production Equipment • Wafer Manufacturing Metrology Equipment

Mask & Reticle Manufacturing Equipment

Electron Beam Mask Generation Tools • Mask Design Tools • Optical Mask Generation Tools • Plate Cleaners • Plate Processors • Other Mask & Reticle Manufacturing Tools

Wafer Fabrication Equipment

Chemical Mechanical Planarization Equipment • Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment • Ion Beam Equipment • Ion Implantation Equipment • Laser Based Tools • Lithography Equipment • Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment • Plasma Processing Equipment • Robotics • Thermal Processing Equipment • Wafer Fabrication Materials • Wafer Grinding Equipment • Wet Processing Equipment • Other Wafer Fabrication Equipment • Complete Semiconductor/MEMs Fabrication Lines

Metrology Equipment

Critical Dimension Measurement Equipment • CV Plotters • Film Thickness Testers • Implant Monitors • Resistivity Testers • Stress Measurement Equipment • Wafer Inspection Tools • Other Metrology Equipment

Semiconductor / Hybrid Assembly Equipment

Assembly Materials • Assembly Robotics • Assembly Test  • Dicing Tools • Die Bonders • Marking Tools • Packaging Tools • Screen Printers • TAB Bonders • Wire Bonders • Other Assembly / Hybrid

Automatic Test Equipment

Device Handlers • Test Systems • Wafer Probers • Other Automatic Test Equipment

Reliability Test Equipment

Environmental Test Chambers • Failure Analysis Test Instruments • Ovens • Other Reliability Test Equipment

Test & Measurement Equipment

Analyzers • DC Magnetron Drives • Generators • Hipot Testers • Ion Beam Drives • Lock-in Amplifiers • Meters • Optical Test & Measurement Equipment • Oscilloscopes • Power Conditioners • Power Supplies • Radio Frequency Equipment • Other Test & Measurement • Mixed Lots of Test & Measurement Equipment

Semiconductor Manufacturing Facilities Equipment

Chemical Handling Equipment • Clean Room Equipment • Gas Handling Equipment • Ovens • Parts Cleaning Equipment • Water Handling Equipment • Other Semiconductor Facilities Equipment

Vacuum Process Equipment

Deposition Equipment • Helium Leak Detectors • Mass Flow Controllers • Vacuum Fittings • Vacuum Instrumentation • Vacuum Pumps • Vacuum Valves and Accessories • Other Vacuum Equipment • Mixed Lots, Vacuum Processing Equipment

Semiconductor Parts

Chamber Components • Drive Belts • Electrical and Electronic Components • Filters • Fittings • Gauges • Hardware • Heaters • Hoses • Lamps • Mass Flow Controllers • Motors • O-Rings • Process Kit Components • Sensors • Valves • Wiring/Interconnect • Other Semiconductor Equipment Parts

Other Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturers whose products we service and sell include:
3M, ABB Control, Ace Co., ACI, Acme Electronics, Acopian, ADE, Advance, Advanced Energy, Aerofeed, Ltd., Aerotech, AET Technologies, Aflas, Aihara Electric, Air Pax, Air Pot, Air Products, Airtrol, Akrion, Alessi, Allen-Bradley, Allied Telesis, ALPHA SEM AG, Alphasem, Alphawire, Alpine Bearing, Amax, Amperex, Analog Devices, Anorad Corporation, AP Tech, APG, APP Tech, Applied Materials Inc., Applied Motion, ARC Machines, Aristo, ARO, Asahi, Asahi Glass, Ashcroft, ASM, Aspect Systems, Asymtek, AT&T, ATI, Auer, Austin Seal Co, Automation Direct, Automotion Inc, Avex, Axcelis Technologies, Inc., Axiom, AXIOM Internet Commerce, Balmac, Banner, Barnstead International Corp, Bay Area Circuits, Bay Pneumatics, BEI, Bel Art Products, Belkin, Bellofram, Bellows, BIAX, BIMBA, Biorad, Black Box, Blue-White Industries, BMT, BOC Edwards, Boston Scientific, Brookfield Engineering Labs, Bussmann, C & K, California Fine Wire, Cambridge, Canon, Carr Lane Manufacturing, CCSI, Ceramic Tech, Chatillon, CHEM TEC, Chemraz, Cherry, Chicago Rawhide, Clean Sciences, Clippard, CMC, Co. Palmer Inst., Cognex, Collar, Compact Air Products, Concurrent Computer Corp, Contamination Control Inc, Control Concepts, Control Technology, Convum, Coors, CoorsTek, Copal Electronics Co, Copley Controls Corp., Coto Technology, CR Technology, Crane Electronics, Crydom Co, CTI Cryogenics, Cybeq, Daihen, Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., DANFOSS, Data Instruments, Datalux, Datel, Dayco, Dayton, DCM, DEC , Deltrol, DELTRONIC, Deltronix Equipamentos Ltda, Desco, Diagnostic Instruments, Dickson, Digi-Key, Digital Comm, Digital Instruments, Dillon, Directed Light Inc, Diversen, DNS, Donfoss, Drytek, DS Fibertech, Duniway Stockroom , Dutec, Dynamco, Dynatex, EAO Switch Corporati, Eastern Air Devices, Eaton, Ebara, ECI Technology, Ecliptek, Edwards, EFD, EG&G PRINCETON APPLIED RESEARCH, Electro-Graph, Electrograph, EM, EMKI, Endevco, ENI Power Systems, ENTEGRIS, Enterprise Systems, Epson, Equipe Technologies, Eratron, ERSA, Eslon, Eurotherm, Extek, Facet-Aire, Fairchild, Faith Technology, Faulhaber, Ferran Scientific, Festo, Filter Concepts, Fischer, Fischer & Porter Co, Fisher Scientific, Flowmeter, Fluke, Fluorocarbon, Force, Foresight Technology, FTI, Fuji, Fuji Electric, Fujikura, Futurestar, Galil Motion Control, Gamma, Garlock, Gaskleen, Gates, GCA/Tropel, GD California, GE, GE Fanuc, Gem Refrigerator Co, GEMS, Gems Sensors Inc, Gemu , General Resistance Inc, Genesis, Geo.Prince, GFC, Glemco, Globe Motors, Goodyear, Gorman-Rupp, Gralab, Granzow, Graphic Strategies, Graphtec, GSI Lumonics, Incorporated, GSK, H.O. Trerice, HAMLIN ELECTRONICS, Haruna, Hathaway Corperation, Headway, Hedland, Helical, HI-TEC America, Hiatchi, Hine Design, Hirotaka-Seiki, Honeywell, Hubbell Lighting, Humphrey Products Co, HYTREX, IFM, Ilmvac, Imtec Acculine, Incom International, Industrial Timer Co., Innovative Control Systems-Accutech, Integrated Modular Systems Inc, Intercontinental, Interface, International Seal, Intersil, IOtech Inc., IPEC Westech, Irvine Optical Company, ISLATROL, ITE, Iwaki, Iwashita, Jabsco, Jacobs Manufacturing Corporation, Jet Mill, Kanthal, Keithley, Keller Technology Corporation, Kepco, Kinetic Systems, Inc., Kingdom, KIP Inc., Kontron America Inc, Koyo, Krom Schroder, Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd., Labconco, LAM Research Corp., Lambda, Laser Identification, Leatherwood Plastics, Leeson, Leica, Lexmark, LineMaster, Lintech, Littelfuse, Litton/Duncan, LTX, Ludl Electronic Products, Lufran, Luxtron Corporation, Lynarc Limited, M and W Systems, M.E.C. Technology, Mac, MACE, Machine Technology, Mactronix, Magnecraft Inc., Malema, Manostar, Marlow Industries, Martin, Mat. Research Corp., Materials Research Corp, Matheson Tri-gas, Mattson Technology, McDaniel, McDowell & Company, MDC Vacuum Products, Mega Systems and Chemicals, Meivac Inc., Melles Griot, Menics, MET, Micro Essential Lab, Microautomation, Mikron, Millen, Minato, Minipack-Torre, Mitsubishi, Modular Process Technology, Modus, Modutek, Mosaid, MOTT, Mott Metallurgical, MPM, MRC, MRL Industries, MSA Ltd, MSD, MSN, MST Measurements, MTI, NACOM, Nalgene, Nanometrics, NASON, National, NDE, New England Affiliated Technologies, Newark, Newport, Newport Electronics, NEY Ultrasonics, Nicolet, NIDEC, NILFISK, Nohken, NOK F-TEC, Nor-Cal Products, Norgren, Norton, NoShok, Novellus Systems, NOW Technologies, NSK, NTN Bearing, Ogden, Ogura Clutch, Olmo Motors, Omega Engineering, Omni Mold, On Site Gas Systems, Opal, Optec, OPTO22, Oriel, Oriental Motor Co., Oriental Motor USA C, Orion, Orthodyne, Orthodyne Electronic, Pacific Precision Labs, Pacific Scientific, Panasonic, Pepperl+Fuchs, Perkin Elmer, Perkin-Elmer, Phasetronics, Phillips, PIC Design, Pittman, Plasmos, Plassys, Plast-O-Matic, Plastic Concepts, Plato, PLC Direct, Pneumatic Products Corp., Pneumatico, Positronic Ind., Potter & Brumfield, Power One, Power-One Inc, Powertec Inc, Precise Sensors, Precision Sensors, PRI Brooks, Procon Pump, Prolog, Prometrix Corporation, Proteus Hyperbaric Systems Inc, PTC Instruments, Pulnix, QED, Quartz International, Quartz Scientific Inc, real time devices, RED HAT, Red Lion, Reddish, Regen Solutions, RegO, Renco Gloves, Revco, RGB Spectrum, Richmond Static, Rietschle, RKL, Roemheld, Rolyn Optics, Rorze, RSF Elektronik, Rudolph Research, Sagax, Sanyo Denki, Sapphire, SBC, SC Pump, SC Technology, Schlumberger, Schumacher, Scientech, SCP Global, SDI Diagnostics Inc, Seiko, Sekidenko, SEMA, Semi-Tool, Semiconductor Systems, Semiquip, Semitec, semtronics, SEMY Engineering, Setra Systems Inc, SEZ, Shimaden, Shinagawa, Shinyei Kaisha, SIERRA, Sigmameltic, Siltec, Simatic, Simco, Simicon Precision, SinPro, SKF, Slicing Specialist, SMS, SMS Technologies, SMT, Solid State Measurement, Solitec, Sony, Span Instruments, Spears, Spectrum Scientific, Speedaire, Speedfam, Spicer Consulting, SRP, Stancor, Star, STEC, Steven Engineering Inc, STI Computer Services Inc, Stir-pak, SUN, Supercon, Superior Electric, Surpass, Swagelok Company, The, Sweeney, Sylvania, Symbol Technology, SyQuest, Tacmina, Taiyo, Takatori, Tamarack Scientific, TAZ, TDK, Technical Manufacturing Corporation, Teel, Temescal, TEMPCO, Tempress, Temptronic Corp, Teqcom, TESCOM, Therma-Wave, Thermco, Thermocouple, Thomas Products, Thorn, Timken, TOFCO, Toflo, Tokyo Keiso, TOL-O-MATIC, Toshiba Ceramics Co., Towa, TOYO TANSO, Turn Act, TYCO, Tylan General, TYVEK, Ultra t Equipment, Ultratech Stepper, Ultratech, Inc., Ulvac, Ulvac Technologies, United Detector Technology, United Electric Ctls, URC, US Filter, US Safety, USF, USG, USHIO America, USHIO, Inc., Vaculaz, Vacuum Instrument Corporation, Valcor, VAR, Veeco Instruments, Velmex, Verity Instruments, Versatile Plastic, Verteq, Victoreen, Video Display Corporation, View, Vishay, Vision Engineering, Wafab, Waldom, Wandfluh, Warner Electric, WASCO, Watkins Johnson, Watkins-Johnson, Watts, Watts FluidAir, WEC Technology, Wentworth Labs, WESGO, West-Bond, Western Enterprises, Westronics, Whedco, Wilkerson, Wonik Quartz, X-Rite, XYCOM, Yamamoto Electric Works, Yamatake, Yaskawa Electric, ZEKS, Zellweger Analytics, Zeos, Ziatech

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